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Preparation and evaluation of qualifications of Experts

The accreditation body - JSC "STC" Industrial Safety ", organized pre-certification training and qualifications of Experts on the evaluation of accreditation (the timing of the preparation and evaluation skills razmeschatsya information on the website under" News ") in accordance with the requirements of the ATS-03-2009," Requirements Accreditation of experts. "
The cost of attestation of training and qualification of an expert assessment of accreditation in one direction of activity of 25,000 rubles., Including 18% VAT, the cost of each additional direction - 7000 rubles., Including VAT.
The cost of an expert assessment of qualifications for accreditation without attestation of training in one area of ??activity is 9,000 rubles., Including 18% VAT, the cost of each additional direction - 7000 rubles., Including VAT.
Re-issuance of a certificate of accreditation for expert examination is carried out without taking the case to provide the documents confirming the participation of an expert on accreditation of two or more seminars and forums held by the Authority for accreditation during the term of the certificate of accreditation expert. The cost of renewal of the certificate is 1770 rubles., Including 18% VAT.

The application must be completed and signed as a candidate for accreditation by the experts and the leader of the organization.
Be sure to request the presence of Application:

A completed application form.
certificate of work experience, supporting work experience in the field claimed (at least 3 years).
Copies of documents confirming higher education, as well as (if available) copies of documents confirming a degree, copy of certificates.
Copies of evaluations in which the candidate participated in the accreditation of experts with an indication of the degree of participation (preparation of documents for accreditation and (or) to participate in the preparation of an appropriate assessment instrument (s) CCA and (or) to participate in the assessment of on-site).
Certificate of participation in the course of organizing and conducting internal audits of quality management systems (if available).
2 color photos 3x4.

Application, proof of work experience, and copies of documents confirming education, degree, copies of certificates and licenses must be approved by the employer or by a notary.
In the case of not providing a complete set of documents and (or) uncertified copies of documents, applications are not considered accepted and the services it does not appear.
About the venue of the sessions will be announced later.
Application and the application, the application can also be sent to: 109147, Moscow, 147, p / 224.
Booking and hotel accommodation is not provided.
Registration of participants from 9.00 to 10.00 on the first day of class.
Phone: (495) 500-51-98 dob.152.             
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